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Shore Way to College

Preparing and Planning for a Brighter Future!


Program Overview

Our Shore Way to College program is a Next Generation Scholars program and provides college and career readiness services for more than 180 10th, 11th, and, 12th grade students in Somerset County Public Schools whose family income is 130% below the poverty level.  The program provides College and Career Interns at the 2 high schools, College Coaches at the 2 local youth centers.  Students have access to tutors during and after school, participate in college awareness workshops, college and workplace tours, and summer work opportunities with soft skills training.  Parents also participate in financial aid workshops.  Our 2018 External Evaluator highlights include, 134 students created individualized college and career plans, 37 students participated in weekly Sallie Mae Kids2College researched based curriculum, 211 duplicated students attended 8 college tours, workplace visits, and 1 overnight tour, 61 unduplicated students participated in tutoring, 38 parents and 35 students participated in financial aid workshops, 81 students participated in Drone technology workshops, 96 unduplicated students and 12 staff participated in college awareness sessions, technical support, and staff training, 15 students participated in soft skills training and summer work program at 10 local businesses.  2019 Tutoring data is still being compiled, however during our 2017-2018 school year, 63% of students who participated in tutoring improved their Language Arts grade between Quarter 2 and Quarter 4, while 79% improved their Math grades during the same time period.  

Upon Graduation, Shore Way to College students may be eligible to receive the Guaranteed Access Grant to help them pay for college.

Program Location:

It Takes a Village to Help Our Children, Inc.

943 W. Main St. 

Crisfield, MD 21817

School Locations:


Washington Academy & High School

Crisfield Academy & High School

College and Career Planning at School




Financial Aid Workshops


College Prep Class


College Tours

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